Not Just a Hearer but a Doer Review

We are all the same.  Some of us just pretend a little better than the other.  Honestly, if each one of us stopped and took a closer look we would see areas where we are just a hearer and not a doer.  

Do I want to be only a hearer?  Sometimes I have to say, yes, I do....basically because of laziness.  Being a doer takes action, time, energy and discipline.  BUT it is the very best way to show that I truly do love God.  You know the saying, "Actions speak louder than words", very true indeed.

Can I stop the habit of just hearing?  Of course!  But as Yolanda Shanks points out in her devotional study "Not Just a Hearer but a Doer" I have to be DELIBERATE about it.  It won't just  happen, I have to make it happen.

One way to start is to use Yolanda's devotional guide.  In 31 days I will be challenged to look closely at me (ugh), then it will be my choice to follow through with what I find.

Each day begins with a paragraph to open up the topic, followed by a scripture verse.  The background of the verse is given  along with a detailed explanation of a specific part of that verse.  At this point an application is made and other verses to study are given. Then  there is a section where I can write my own personal application.  That is the hardest part for sure!  It's easy for me to be filled up with knowledge, but then acting on that knowledge is where I stumble!

I really like how the author lays this out step by step using scripture as the foundation.  I can't be a doer of the Word without knowing the Word of God now can I!

I've read Day 1 entitled "An Invitation to Taste" using Psalm 34:8 - "O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him."  A familiar verse to me.  The background here a time when David is running for his life from King Saul.  HA!  Really David?  You are running for your life yet you still can see that the LORD is good!  Oh to have that mindset.  

The interpretation section explains the word 'taste'.  The author talks about that each one of us has differing tastes because of our taste buds.  So we have to 'taste' for ourselves because what tastes great to one may be horrible to another.  So very true in the physical aspect, yet David points out that when we 'taste' of God the outcome for everyone will be blessing!  
5 more verses are given to bring home the idea that the LORD is trustworthy.

The personal application comes is what I wrote:

Thank you, Jesus, that when I truly taste of you, you are always good.  Sometimes the initial taste is not pleasant, but this happens only when I take my eyes off of YOU and look at self.  Staying focused on your goodness, mercy and love makes the taste oh so  pleasant.   May I live this in my life so others can also taste of You through me.

*I received a copy of this book as part of the CWA review crew.  All opinions expressed are my own.