Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado

Can I just say that I love Max Lucado?  Ok, so I've never met him....let me clarify....I love his writing.  I have read every book he has written and receive his email devotional.  His writing style touches my soul.  I've yet to tire of reading his writings.  He truly is an artist who paints a picture with words.  His view on the ordinary is extraordinary. He makes me look at the simple things in life with a new mindset.  Nothing is simple, because God is a part of it all.
I was not dissapointed when I was given the privilege to preview a copy of his newest book "Outlive Your Life".  I will never look at the first 12 chapters of the book of Acts the same way.  Max uses these chapters to show us how to get the most out of the life God has blessed us with.  Each chapter in this book,  16 in all, give valuable lessons using  anecdotes and stories with theology and practical application in Max's well-beloved style.
This book could be used in a group study as there is a "Discussion and Action Guide" in the back.
Each chapter comes outlined with discussion questions and actions to live it out.  
You truly can "Outlive Your Life" if you use some of the ideas in this book.

Sorry readers, this book is going in my own library!  No giveaway this time :)  If you want your own copy then click the box below to order from Amazon.com. 
*I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own