The Question of Why

I think everyone has had an event in their life that leaves them asking "Why?"    What are we to do with this question?  For me I always take this question to the only ONE with an answer.  I ask God. Ok, so sometimes I don't just ask Him why, I argue with Him.  I tell Him how this time He just didn't understand that this was not the right thing to have happen.  That it just isn't fair, right or just!  Didn't He realize how hard this would be?  Didn't He realize there was a better way????  Read through the Psalms, David was a good one to question God.  Or even Peter, he often thought he knew better than Jesus.  So I know I'm not alone in thinking I know what is best. In telling the creator of the universe that I have a better plan. I guess the important thing is after fighting with God about the situation what do I do next?  I obviously don't have the power to do anything to change what has happened.  But I do have the power on how I deal with it.  Only I can control my response.  It's all about choice!  I can blame God and stay mad at Him, I can just ignore Him or turn my back and realize that He isn't what I want.  OR I can surrender to His control and rest on His power to help me see it through.  This is called TRUST!  Boy, that is tough one for me.  I have struggled with that in various ways for many years.  I looked up the meaning of trust:  Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.  HMMM....yup, that's tough.  But if I can't trust my Lord, who can I trust?
So after the crying, fighting, pouting and just plain being mad, I know I need to trust God.  I may never get the "why" question answered, but if I am truly trusting, then I don't have to have that answer :)


  1. One of my friends at NTM often says, "My response is my responsibility." :-)


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