30 Days About ME-Day 4



This one is easy.  Anyone who knows me can probably guess what my answer will be.  It is a love letter to me.  Yeah, I'm a romantic at heart :)  This book is the only book ever that is truly life changing.  Not only my life here and now, but also in the hereafter!  The author is awesome!

Have you guessed yet?

My favorite book is:      

The Bible

Some of you may be saying, "Hey, that's 66 books!"  Ok, you're right!  My favorite book out of those 66 is James.  I studied that book years and years ago at a College & Career Bible Study I attended.  It really hit me hard and has been my favorite since.  
I don't read these 66 books as much as I should because I basically am lazy.  I like an easy, entertaining read most of the time.  The Bible is certainly not easy!  Most times it hits me right smack in the face! 
I saw this once and really liked it:    BIBLE stands for:

                                                  B asic
                                                  I nstruction
                                                  B efore
                                                  L eaving
                                                  E arth