Lefty's review & coupon code

Have you ever thought about how everything in this world is for right-handed people?  I never did until I had a left-handed daughter.  When she was younger, she would get frustrated with her scissors, she would turn her ruler upside-down.  I would tell her to use it the "right" way, but she had difficulty with it when she tried.   I just couldn't "get" what her problem was.  I then started to observe her as she tried to use everyday items that I have no problem with.  The computer mouse, a notebook, ruler, can opener....wow, she has to adjust every time she picks up something.  While it comes naturally to a right-hander, the left-hander has to think about how to make it work properly.

Then I found Lefty's, the online store filled with items for lefties.  They have garden, kitchen, school, and many other specialty items for lefties.  I was amazed at how many common tools are needed to be specially made for a lefty.

Lefty's sent me (well, not me, my daughter) The Essential Tools for Lefty's to review.  This is what she received:
Set includes a custom Lefties Rule journal, a lefty ruler and two "I may be left handed but I am always right" pencils that are readable when held in the left hand, a left handed oval pencil sharpener, and a true lefty student scissor. 
(we also received a post card, Lefty's bag and key ring)

The most intriguing item was the pencil sharpener.  It sharpens counter-clockwise.  

I couldn't help but laugh as she was using it.  I tried, but was unsuccessful. 

The ruler reverses the numbers.  The 12 is on the left with the 1 on the right. I couldn't use that correctly either. ;)   Notebook opens to the right so the spine is not under her left hand interferring with her writing .  Looking over these items I became amazed at how "adaptable" a lefty has to be to function in this right-handed world.  

I must say I am impressed with what Lefty's has come up with to help out those lefties in our world.  

They have also come up with a great discount for you just in time for your gift giving. 
 Lefty's is providing all For One Another readers 25% off any items in this Gifts and Sets category until the end of November.   Click here to see what items qualify for this discount.  Enter One Another in the coupon code box at check out.  This is a one use code per reader and cannot be combined with any other coupon.  

Thank you Lefty's for making a right hand world more accessible to a lefty!