Tears for the Hurting

What do you do when your heart is hurting....for those you love who are going through hard times.  Whether it be illness, death, surgeries, life decisions, relationships....so many people who you just want to take all the pain away for them.  BUT there is nothing you can do to change a thing.  
If you are like me you pray, a lot!  Sometimes that seems so little, but I know, in my heart, it really is THE very best I can do for them.  It really is about trust!  Do I really trust that God knows best?  I confess, that I doubt that much too often.  Sure, in my  head I KNOW...but my emotions, my heart just can't accept.  The why's keep coming along with the tears!  When will it end?  This just isn't fair, right or just.  How can God, who IS fair, right and just allow this?  Oh, I know all the right answers....He is growing them, molding them, using this to bring them closer to Him.....but sometimes those answers don't satisfy.....it's just not enough 


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  2. and that is when you just have to trust God, even when it doesn't make sense, even through the pain and the suffering and the tears, knowing he sees it all, the past, present, and future, the big picture and he really knows what is best for all. Sometimes we might never see how it works out, but we just have to keep trusting in him. One of my favorite lines when going through tough times is "Lord this didn't catch you by control, you allowed it for whatever reason, just be with us as we walk through it."

    It is hard sometimes but you are doing the best you can do, and that is pray


  3. How many times have I said the same things? Yep, we KNOW the truth in our heads, but the heart is not always ready to accept it.
    I have learned to trust the Lord's ways. I don't have to understand them. That gives me a peace hard to fathom. It's "one day at a time"...don't worry about tomorrow.

  4. My head understands it all....my heart just can't catch up

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  6. I pray alot too. Thanks for following my blog. Im following back.

  7. "My head understands it all....my heart just can't catch up."
    Exactly. It's like knowing something intellectually but not practically. Story of my life!
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  8. I pray alot too. Thanks for following my blog. Im following back.


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