A lesson from history

I would never say that I wish I lived in Colonial times.  I like my modern conveniences, thank you very much.  I am NOT interested in living without electricity or running water again...yes, I said again.  I did live that way 27 years ago for a few years.  I survived, but I really don't want to do it again.  I enjoy my dishwasher, central vac, washer/dryer, laptop with wireless internet, telephone, and van.  I do NOT want to be without any of them.
I am not a great cook, gardener, seamstress, knitter, soap maker, etc, etc.  I like having a microwave, refrigerator, thrift stores where I can buy my clothes cheaply, Walmart that provides all the other necessarys!

Having confessed all that, I do wish family life was as simple as it was back then.  Families stayed together. Children respected their parents (at least outwardly).  Grandparents were revered.

During my daughter's history lesson today I was reminded of how I want my family life to be and how far I've allowed it to stray.  There was a page where she was asked to determine if the statement pertained to a colonial or modern family.  As we read through, it was quite obvious which was which.
  1. practiced sitting down together for meals
  2. sitting down together for meals seldom practiced
  3. more leisure time for personal pleasure
  4. less leisure time for personal pleasure
  5. family time spent together doing projects, reading the Bible and teaching skills
  6. doing things together as a family seldom practiced
  7.  father provides stable leadership, mother supports husband's leadership, children respectfully follow parental guidance
  8. father absent from family or fails to provide stable leadership, mother not supportive of father or must assume family leadership, children often disrespectful and want "rights" without responsibilities
  9. Sunday viewed as just another day
  10. Sunday set aside for worshiping God and rest from work
  11.  values of love, respect, honor, responsibility, honesty taught
  12. values of self-centeredness, irresponsibility and disrespect for authority often learned from poor role models
  13. parenting skills passed down from one generation to the next
  14. positive parenting skills often unknown or not practiced
  15. mothers work at home giving families a sense of security
  16. mothers work outside the home, children's needs often unmet
  17. old age often no respected; responsibility for care of older parents given to others
  18. old age respected; responsibility for aging parents taken on by the family
  19. unstable, fragmented families---single parent home common place
  20. stable, close-knit families--two parent families are typical
How does your family compare to the above?  There are a few areas in my home that could use some work.  Yes, I can have a "colonial" family life even with all the modern conveniences.  I think I just have to make it happen....give it some thought and effort.  Stop being lazy, because the end result is well worth it!


  1. great posting! I have to admit, though I too would love our world to be more like it was back then I do not know how well I would do without my conveniences of today! Lovely blog! Thanks for following me and I am following yours! I feel like I fell upon a treasure with your blog!!!

  2. @Mrs A
    Thanks so much, Mrs. A for your kind words!


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