Making Memories

The house is empty and quiet more running around making food, picking up, turning off lights, playing games, driving to the store for that one item I forgot, having great conversation.  The year end festivities are over and life goes back to normal.  It is an adjustment to go from constant activity to daily life, but we are there!  I am very thankful for the wonderful memories that were made this past weekend.   
All  my kids arrived with friends on Thursday evening...the 12 of us began a wonderful weekend as more were added throughout .  New Year's Eve there were 48 guests here!  I sure am thankful for a very large house!
Now as I sit back to remember the fun and to catch my breath, I am very grateful for being able to enjoy life with those I love.    Sure, now I have a huge house to clean but it is well worth it.  The memories I made with those closest to me is worth the work involved before and after.  
One of my "goals" this year is to cherish the time I spend with family & friends.  Making memories.......someday that's all I will have!