Never Grow Up

When my children were little, I WANTED them to grow up....Oh, how I wished those days of bickering and mess and noise they are grown up......guess what I want now?  Them to be little again. Oh, what a fool I am.   
Tonight I spent time with my 5 children just laughing at their silliness and fun!  Enjoying them--enjoy each other.  It was just a few moments, but ones I will treasure away to pull out again when I am lonely.  
I am trying to live for today, to take each moment and enjoy it because I will never get this moment back again.  It is a hard attitude to have, but well worth the effort.

I was in Subway the other day..  Behind me was a dad with his 2 little girls.  He was very impatient with them and harsh.  I wanted to turn around and tell him to enjoy them now, cuz all too soon, he won't be in Subway with them.  He will be older, they will be with their friends, then on their own and this moment, which could have been a special memory, will just be gone.....  Don't wish these days away because one day you will want them back!

My 23 year old daughter shared this song with me today.
 Of course, it made me cry!

My 5 who grew up :(


  1. What a lovely post - and how true. Even though we talk on the phone every day and love whenever we can get together, my heart just aches sometimes for my now-grown children. I'm so thankful we homeschooled and cherished our time with them when they were growing up. But the years still flew by. The song made me cry, too!

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  3. Learn to treasure every moment you have with all your kids, whenever you have them, because time and distance soon takes away those times. We have our 4 kids together maybe once a year, if something special is going on. It gets really hard when only sickness and death get you all together. So I hope there will be one wedding a year for awhile so we get to see them!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing. It made me tear up too. Taylor has such a sweet voice.
    Stopping by from the Monday Hop. (better late than never)
    Laurie from Grandma Sez So

  5. Thanks Cindy! I'm thankful to have heard this message while my kids are still around. Helps me get through the tougher times. :-) Love, Alice


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