He just doesn't get it!!!!

I am about to break a 'house rule'....

I am going to write something about my husband.  

He has forbidden me to ever write anything about him....EVER!  

Two years ago I wrote a clever Facebook status that only someone who knew him would ever have known that it was referring to my husband.  He would never have known that I said something concerning him as he hates, detests, loathes, really doesn't like the computer or anything to do with it.  He doesn't even know how to turn it on....BUT certain someone's just had to mention to him about this status.  To put it mildly, He was not happy, that's when he, in no uncertain terms, told me to never do that again. 

I have complied, up until now!

So, before you continue reading you must promise not to mention to him a word about this....Raise your right hand and repeat after me....You think I'm kidding!!!!  Well, I'm not, get your right hand up 

I, (insert name) do solemnly swear, cross my heart, pinky swear, by a blood oath, on the life of my firstborn, that I will not allow a word of what I am about to read to leave my lips in the presence of anyone who lives with the writer of this blog ever in my life!


he laughed at me and told me I was ridiculous!  

No, I'm not kidding!  

The things I put up with! 

 I can just hear you asking what would cause him to say such things.....well, here's my story:

My soon-to-be 24 year old daughter had her wisdom teeth removed today.  She was supposed to be going in for a consultation as she's been having a lot of pain to see what was going on and what needed to be done.  But she actually had all 4 wisdom teeth removed!  No time for me her to prepare herself for it, nothing!  Just, BAM, let's take these suckers OUT!  
Her appointment was for 5 and I didn't get a call until 6:30.....she had her friend talk to me about her meds and such.....I can only assume because she was just in so much pain that she couldn't even speak.  
Of course, I offered to drive the 200 miles at 6:30 at night to be there to take care of her.


That's a no-brainer and the cause of my husband's scorn. 

 HELLO, I am her MOTHER!!! 

I gave birth to this girl.  I was there for her for every little scrap---remember when she cut her leg at church?, or when the nurse scrapped her with a needle when giving her a shot? or how about the time------

sorry, I digress.  

Men just don't get it....and I suppose they never will...

Somehow I think that there really aren't too many people still reading this sad little tale....except maybe my mom....'cuz that's what moms do....run to their children's aid and read senseless ramblings on their blog, daily.  

Thanks, mom!  I love you :)


  1. I would do the same! ; )... drive 200 miles, that is... not say that you were ridiculous ; )

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!I sometimes don't even "get it"! Apparently there are different "heart strings" for moms and dads and we feel different "tugs" regarding our children. Kind of like nerve endings: a guy cuts his finger off and he wraps it up and goes back to work; a woman gets a paper cut on her finger, and it'll drive her nuts all day!

  3. My fiancée is EXACTLY like your husband! HE HATES!!!!! HATES, read loaths!!! FB or Twitter and I was SO surprised he approved of a blog. No names except mine mentioned only aliases and initial. So B is happy and the kids like seeing their face at Mommy Does... :D

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! You are right, your mother read the WHOLE thing and read between the lines as well. By the way, I DID raise my right hand and swear never to mention this to him. You know he and I do have our little chats from time to time, BUT I promise never to bring this up.
    Yep, Moms are definitely different from Dads when it comes to the children. I still keep an "eye" on my 4 kids [even though they are ALL over 40 now!] Love ya lots!

  5. @Heidi...
    Thanks, Heidi, for making sure I understood you meant you agreed with me :)

  6. @Misty
    AND a woman gets the flu and continues to function....a man, well 'nuf said

  7. You're right--men just don't get it. And they won't till they carry a child and give birth to it.


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