One Month to Live Challenge: Day 1

Cindy Lemay
1962 -

One day, if you care to, you will be able to enter a place where you will find my name written for remembrance.  With that name will be 2 dates.  In between those dates will be a DASH!  That dash will represent what I did while living...some will have fond memories of that dash, others, maybe not.

(sorry all you Santa lovers, but this one made me laugh)

The first day of the 30 day challenge asks to look at that dash.  To realize that "your time on earth is limited".  Not an activity that most really want to consider.  

In the Make it Last for Life section it suggests to, without giving it too much thought,  list 5 things I would change in my life if I knew I only had one month to live:

  1. my location at this moment
  2. don't sweat the small things
  3. tell the ones I love that I love them
  4. maybe even write a letter to each of my children encouraging them in life
  5. conquering a particular fear
Then I am encouraged to tell at least one person that I am taking this challenge.  
That's easy...that's why I'm blogging about this :)  Consider yourself told!


  1. Not much I would change because I always tell my kids I love them and there is already a letter for them when the time comes, plus my autobiography [which reminds me that I need to add our Florida experience], I like where I am living and the people around me; probably would spend more time with the Lord...but then, maybe not. If my hubby was healthy and pain free, there is nothing else I want or need.


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