One Month to Live Challenge: Day 2

Not a fan of roller coasters....not even a little.  I can remember the ONE time I rode a roller coaster.  It was with my mom.  I was probably 10 or so.  I was under the seat before  we made it up the first hill.  Stayed there for the WHOLE ride and crawled out shaking at the end.  Yea, not a fan of roller coasters!

When this second day started with a roller coaster analogy, I wasn't all that interested.  I'm not a thrill seeker. I don't have a "need for speed" or am I always looking for a challenge.  Nope, that does not describe me at all.  My idea of excitement is sitting on a beach looking out at the ocean.  To me that is the ultimate....

But this chapter was not really about roller coasters, but about faith.  "If you're operating in faith, all you can see is how small your giants are compared to your God."  Too often I see the giants, looming large and scary!

The author goes on to say that our faith needs to be "ridiculous" and he uses David as an example.  The good 'ole story of David and Goliath.  David certainly showed ridiculous faith!  

Today's challenge is to "face my fears with ridiculous faith and experience the ride of my life."  
I have to say that this puts an unbelievable fear in my much for my faith :(
BUT I am working on it!