Marriage Bundle Download from Eternal Encouragement Review

May 29, 1982
aren't we cute?

Rather appropriate that my Gabby Mom mission this month is to review the Marriage Bundle download 

from Eternal Encouragement.  This is a compilation  published over the years concerning marriage.  

Every marriage needs help.  I don't care how great a marriage you think you may it may be wonderful...without working at it, tomorrow it can fail.

This bundle includes:

2 Audios:  
5R's Session 2: Rekindle (awww....a little romance, maybe I should have a certain someone read this)
One Life to Live:  (gentle reminder that this IS for life)

4 E-books
Loving your Knight in Shining Armor Even When He Doesn't Shine (do you have one of these?)
Roadmap to a Marvelous Marriage (brush up on your map reading skills)
Marriage Tidbits to Treasure (golden nuggets to hold dear from some famous people)
Quotes Not Quibbles (my hubby's favorite:  "I got gaps; you got gaps; we fill each other's gaps."   'Rocky')
Marriage Report  (do you have a passing grade?)

7 E-Booklets
31 Daily Biblical Prayers for Wives to Pray for Their Husbands (prayer changes people, these will change YOU)
Encouragement Report (a little dab will do ya! on some days I need a lotta dab)
Don't Settle (every teenage girl or even boy should read this one)
SHIMLY (I won't tell what this means but when you read it, have tissues handy)
What God Says about Marriage (why not go to the source?)
75 Inexpensive Romantic Rut Cures (enjoy one a week to rejuvenate your marriage)
It Happened One Afternoon (a story of love and a miracle)

2 magazine back issues
2001 Summer Issue TEACH Magazine "Loving Your Husband" (many, many helpful words)
2009 Spring Issue TEACH Magazine "Marriage Made Marvelous"  (you and have one)

This bundle is valued at over $100.00

Yet, You can get these words of wisdom about marriage from Eternal Encouragement for only $39.97 e-version.  Or if you prefer to hold it in your hands (like I do), $49.97.

Every marriage is a priceless treasure.

How are you guarding yours?

*I received a complimentary copy of To Have and To Hold from Eternal Encouragement for my honest review.


  1. Maybe it's just my pc Cindy, but I can't read any of the part where you describe what is in the bundle.

    Danielle ~ Fellow Gabby Mom

  2. "Every marriage needs help. I don't care how great a marriage you think you may it may be wonderful...without working at it, tomorrow it can fail."

    Such a great point!
    Jenny, Fellow GM

  3. @Danielle Leighthanks Danielle, but it must be your pc as it is ok from this end.

  4. @JennyUnfortunately, Jenny. it is true

  5. I'm not able to read the "bundle" part either. There's a bunch of blue dots all through it. But, anyway, nice job on the review. :-)

  6. Well, if it's her PC, then mine has the same problem because all the quoted part is lined out so it can't be read. I have a laptop that generally does not have problems like that...hmmmm!
    And you guys look so young in that picture and so cute!!!

  7. I can't read the bundles either.

    How am I guarding mine? Hm...that's a good question. Gonna require thought though...

  8. Well, it's not just her pc, it's a mess on my end too. It's showing up as a whole bunch of dots over the text...weird. I'm viewing it in Firefox.

  9. @Danielle LeighWell Danielle, don't fear... it's not your PC!!!!
    I had soooo much trouble with this post it was crazy. I had it all done when Blogger went down and this one didn't come back when Blogger did.
    So I retyped it...then the spacing kept coming out all weird. So I started over.
    Now this!
    Hopefully now it will be viewable.
    Will someone please let me know?

  10. looks good on my end now Cindy Great review have a blessed night!
    @homestead in the pines

  11. I love looking at marriage photos! Yours is so sweet. I also enjoyed reading and listening to the insight in this month's review from Gabby Moms.

    fellow Gabby Mom

  12. Love the picture!

    I really like how you commented about each of the items. It made them more meaningful!

    I'm so glad I don't have to check up on youu any more! ;-)

    Fellow GM

  13. @mrspriceisrighthahaha...well I do hope you will come back and read my posts anyway!

  14. Cute picture and nice review!


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