The power of water

Last week we had a severe rainstorm through the night.  With that and the melting snow a nearby highway couldn't stand up under the pressure. 

This is only 1/2 mile from my house:

I live on the Canadian border. You can see the US customs just above the damaged road.
Canadian customs is at the top in the distance.

Imagine waking up to go to work and finding this at the end of your driveway

While I was taking these pictures, I contemplated the affects of a worldwide flood as recorded in the Book of Genesis. This is only a smidgen of what the earth endured during that period.  

I then began to think of what will occur after Jesus takes His bride home with him, when the wrath of God will be poured out on mankind because of their unbelief!   And I became sad for those who will refuse to accept God's gift of His Son Jesus.  

The Bible teaches that "today is the day of salvation"....don't wait.  Just as this storm and rushing water came at night when I wasn't expecting it, so will God's wrath come when we aren't expecting it.  

Please make yourself ready

Here is a link to a wonderful message from Max Lucado about "God's Plan for Your Salvation"