Week At a Glance

May 1 - 7, 2011

I saw something similar to this over at Empty Nest.  Every week she gives a brief update of her week.  Not only is this entertaining, but a great way to keep a diary of sorts.  I asked her if she minded if I 'stole' borrowed her idea.  With her permission, I give you My  

This week started out in grand fashion because my whole family was together for my oldest daughter's baptism.

This day was the highlight of my week therefore it required it's very own post.  Read all about it here.

After such an exciting and blessing filled Sunday, then came Monday..... Monday's tend to have a life of their own.  Can we just skip Monday, please?  Especially the ones when you're no longer needed at your job!
This little girl has graced our home since August 2010....in a month or so she will be leaving us :(

always smiling!

Enter Tuesday and technical trouble.!  UGH!!!  Computers are supposed to make life easier except when they don't!  On the phone for over an hour trying to get a certain program to run properly.  How much I could have gotten done during that hour will be a unsolved mystery.

I'm almost hesitant to get out of bed Wednesday wondering what 'fun' this day will hold.  
What it held was seeing a picture of a dear friend holding her newborn first grandchild! 
Welcome to Devin Brian Chase
I can't even tell you how happy I am for her.  Since our children have grown we both have longed for this day!  Wednesday, May 4th will be a day she will NEVER forget.  She won't be losing that smile for a while. 

Then this handsome young man brought a smile to my face 
  My firstborn son called me just to chat!  Which I happily did for about an hour :)  Yup, it was a good day indeed!

Could Thursday top the events of Wednesday?  Doubtful....cuz I had a doctor's visit to endure. A visit to the doctor is NEVER  enjoyable at my age.  I stay away as much as possible. 
I received some good news and bad news...which do you want first?  I always like the bad news first, then I leave with good news :)

So first the bad news: I really HAVE to start exercising faithfully.  Yes, that IS bad news!  Exercise and I don't get along at all...ever!  

So why you ask?

My cholesterol numbers were a "bit elevated...nothing to worry about" says dear doctor...........
Ok, when should I start worrying about it, when it is dangerously high? 
When I have to go on meds so you can get a kick back from the pharmaceutical company? 

No thanks, I think I'll work on lowering that number now, thank you very much.

I say I need to exercise, cuz I already eat very well. Limited sweets & red meat, rarely a soda, lots of fruits and veggies BUT I'm lazy to the core.  I'd much rather sit here and blog, surf, waste time...not push-ups, leg lifts, sit-ups...yuck, yuck, yuck.   So yea, I've got to do something about that....maybe tomorrow :)

Friday was cook out and game night with these beautiful people.  We played a new card game we learned from my daughter's boyfriend calld "Three".  It is a lot of fun.
The problem is we stayed up until midnight.  UGH.  I'm way too old to keep doing that :)

I ended my week with a trip to Walmart with my sis-in-law.  We have been talking about taking a monthly trip together for a while now.  I say "trip" because it is 80 miles away.  Can you "rural living"?  With the price of gas hovering at $4.00 a gallon, we are looking for ANY way to save.  Instead of "bathing with a friend", I decided to "travel with a sis-in-law".  We had a grand time.

What was the highlight of your week?


  1. what an eventful week hope you are having a wonderful mother's day

  2. Three highlights of my week:
    1] 2 full days with my second son from Texas that I don't see very often.

    2] A Mother's Day REAL hug from my youngest son. For those who don't know, he's not much for hugging, so I usual have to catch him by surprise. Today he gave me the biggest hug ever!

    3] Talking to my beautiful 'non-exercising" daughter on the phone for quite a while.

    For a Mother's Day, it was good!

  3. I love it! And I really like your title too!

    Listen girl, my Lovelies gave me a Just Dance for the Wii and IT IS SO MUCH FUN! It's like I'm not exercising AT ALL but the heart rate goes up and you can break a sweat in no time at all! You just have to find something fun to do!

    I read about your daughter's baptism---one of the most beautiful posts I've ever read!

  4. @beccaThanks, Becca. Mother's Day was nice. Although I wasn't able to have ALL my children with me, I did talk with each :)

  5. @JuneGlad you had a nice Mother's Day...you've definitely earned it!

  6. @EmptyNesterhmmmm...to find exercise that I love...that sounds like I'm talking out of both sides of my mouth!

    Working on making this a blog hop next week, possibly

    i'll be looking forward to posts about your Wii Just Dance adventures!

  7. Stopping by for a little visit! Great to hear what you've been up to!

    I miss seeing you!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home


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