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Thanks Hillary for hosting this hop :)

This week’s statements:
1. My closet is full of _____
2. I love coming home from work after ______
3. In high school I was _________
4. I wish I had more time for/to_______

My Answers:
1. My closet is full of , well that depends which closet.  My bedroom closet is full of clothes.  My closet in the sewing room has cloth, half finished projects, and various other crafty items that I  never do anything with.  The extra closets of the 3rd floor have totes with my 5 kids school papers over the past 20 years, books I want to sell, overflow from the book shelf downstairs and stuff I'm storing for my dad and  mom.  Then the other closet has boxes I need to keep in case something I purchased needs to be returned, old computers, dishes, suitcases, yea a bunch of junk!

2. I love coming home from work after....Home is my I never come HOME from work...I live there ;)

3. In high school I was the new girl in town.  

4. I wish I had more time for/to ....I pretty much have all the time I want to do anything.  Money is the problem for me, not time!

I'd love to read your answers to these questions!


  1. Your closets sound like mine---I only covered my closet but, since the lovelies moved out on their own, I have taken over their closets too! Money is the issue here too...plenty of time, not plenty of money.

  2. thanks for linking up!! I wish home was my work, it sounds fantastic!

  3. @jennifer @ what would jen do
    I love it and wouldn't change it for a second!

  4. @Beverly @ The Buzz
    Oh the things I could do if I was independently wealthy :)

  5. Having extra time is such a gift.... I feel like I never have any free time.... thanks for playing along!

  6. @Hilary
    I've only felt this way since 3 of the 5 children have left home. Two kids are much less time consuming than 5! BUT I really do miss not having extra time :)


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