My Week At A Glance 5

This is my first attempt at hosting a blog hop.  
Feel free to join and recruit your fellow bloggers!
The rules are simple.  
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You can then have fun "hopping" around to read about other bloggers weeks or their favorite post of the week.

We celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary.  My hubby is soooooo is my gift:

Before you get all disgusted with what a 'loser' guy he must be to get me a's what I wanted!  I'm a tough one to buy for. I'm allergic to flowers, don't wear much jewelry and eat very little chocolate.  So years ago my  husband told me I'd have to TELL him what I wanted for gifts.  So I do, and I usually get what I ask for.  (yes, you can call me spoiled)

Starting a week with a gift makes the rest of the week a bit of a disappointment!  BUT not this week.

On Tuesday I received an even BETTER gift.  My parents arrived from Florida for the summer.  They will be spending the whole summer with us.  It's so nice to have them around after a very long winter.  

My daughter and I have decided that we need to work on getting some six packs.....NO, not beer, but muscle.  Tummy bulges are not pretty, so we will begin working on that with sit-ups.  YUCK...I hate exercise.  BUT I hate fat even more.  

I hope to get from this:                                                                              To this !


Do you think I can do it?

My first attempt I was able to do 10 sit-ups....only 10!  But that is a start...and I will keep going, if I can keep moving....I can't believe how very sore I am....OUCH!

I was visiting a friend when I saw a hummingbird guard.  I watched this guy for over 1/2 hour:

Never realized these cute little guys were so territorial  

Living in Northern New England can be very irritating at times.  Especially when the temperature goes from 86 and humid to 54 and cold in only 24 hours!  The saying goes:  "if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute, it will change".  I'm still waiting for the change BACK to hot and humid!
My husband just said we are expecting a frost tonight....are you kidding me????


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  2. thanks so much for vising me :))
    I am now following you with both and

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  3. came by to return the love and follow back :)

    Happy to be your newest follower, have a great weekend!!

  4. I could watch hummingbirds for hours. When we lived in SC, they would often get stuck in our garage. We'd have to wait until they were tired, then put on gloves, pick them up and give the sugar water, take them outside, and watch them fly away. It was so awesome to hold one of those little birds in my hand and watch him drink to gain his energy!
    This is a great idea for a blog hop! Hope it goes well!

  5. @spearmint baby
    Thanks for the follow and linking up. I hope you return :)

  6. @Mary
    I couldn't believe how long I stood there watching those birds. Holding one must have been such a cool thing!.

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  8. @Mrs B
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    Not sure why you had trouble?

  9. Thanks Cindy! I don't know what it was either... Well, the important thing is that I got the chance to participate! We'll give it another try next time.

    Thanks so much for hosting!

    Have a great week!
    ~Mrs B


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