My Week At A Glance 7

June 12 - 18

This is my first attempt at hosting a blog hop.  
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Sunday was my Mandie-Moo's 22nd birthday.  Read more here.

 It's always hard for me when one of my kiddos has a birthday and I can't be there to enjoy it with them. But I'm thankful for phone calls and loving words we can share any day.   While they were growing up, we always made the day special somehow.  The day was all about the one whose birthday we were celebrating.  They picked all the meals, activities and fun. They never had 'parties' cuz my attitude was the day is about family and NOT having a bunch of kids over to get presents. (much to my children's dismay)  

Well to celebrate, even without her, we went out for Chinese (my son's idea, NOT mine, I'm not a fan of Chinese food) with friends, then came home to play some games.  While playing we saw this out our front window:
Look closely......

I didn't get a very good picture as I was trying to take it through the window...didn't want to scare it away.

The weather finally warmed and dried up so we could enjoy some outdoor fun.  
Here is the 'sitter' with her 'baby'  at the lake enjoying some water and sun.

Splashing is fun

but more fun to splash someone else!


Beautiful place

Every Saturday night we have 'pizza night'.  This has been a tradition in our home for many, many years.  This week we changed it up a bit, letting everyone make their own pizza.  A lot of fun, but much more work for the cook. 

Take a look at our mouth-watering masterpieces:

I'm so glad there were only 6 of us.  I would have been baking all night if everyone was home...but, of course, I would do just that :)

ALL my  kids arrived Saturday evening for Father's Day tomorrow. 

Sampy-June's boyfriend "Jerm" brought me a 'late' Mother's Day gift.  It's a game called Pass the there a hidden message here somewhere?  
Once we figured out how to play, it was very fun.  Just roll the pigs and however they land gives points. First to 100 wins.   Sound simple?  IT IS...but, oh so much fun!  and , yep, I WON ; )             
If your roll lands the pigs in the lower right position, 
well, that is just inappropriate and you are 'out of the game'! 

Then I annihilated, whopped, brought to his knees crying ....ah, played a friendly game of ping pong with a certain someone who shall go un-named,  let's just call him 'baby-face lawyer' :).  and won that also.  He challenged me again but I didn't want to see him cry again, so I declined until another time!

We sat out by the bonfire until 1AM---I am getting way.too.old to do that.  But it is so worth it as some of THE best convos happen late at night by a bonfire. 

Now we are into Father's stayed tuned for  next week's edition for My Week at a Glance to read all about it!

Today is catch my breath and up on my sleep day for sure


  1. Not much going on last week here but this week is going to be GREAT! All the lovelies and their boytoys will be home AND my dad and step mom AND one of my brothers and SIL....I can hardly stand it!

    I have GOT to get that game! Wish our fams lived closer so we could play together with y'all! We love games and fires in the fire pit too!

  2. I linked up my weekly challenge post today! Next week, it's back to the week at a glance! Thanks for hosting this, btw!

  3. @EmptyNester
    This game is not very expensive,but the fun is priceless :)

    WE sure do have a lot of games we could share, don't we?

  4. @EmptyNester
    Thanks for linking up yet again :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You wanted me to link up my post, but for the life of me I don't see how/where the linky is. So here is the url:

    Welcome to the Crew!!


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