31 Days to Clean Challenge Update: Day 14

I am ending my second week of this 31 day challenge.  Day 14!  WOW!!!  Every day that I have stuck to this plan has been very rewarding.  So what does day 14 bring?

Mary Challenge: Figure out your “jazzy,” what makes you come alive, and then see if 
you can find a way to incorporate it into your week.

The Mary Challenge is to do something that you enjoy on a weekly basis. The idea behind this is to give you more energy.  Get the things done you don't want to do with a reward of something you love.  I've not figured out what this could be, but I'll be thinking on it.

Martha Challenge: Bedrooms – Clean and store winter bedding. Bring out your summer bedding.  Flip mattress.  Wash pillows.

I chuckled at this challenge because I have year round bedding ;)  Living in the Northeast, I just never know what a night will bring...so I keep all blankets, comforters and such on the bed year round.  My mattress has been flipped as I do that monthly.  I had to google how to wash my pillows.  I don't think I've ever done that before.

Here is a video I found which was very helpful:

How to Machine Wash Pillows —powered by eHow.com

How many of you already knew the importance of washing pillows?  

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  1. I did know about washing pillows. The book sounds interesting...does it give you a good schedule to follow? I feel like I would do so much more with a schedule...which is probs why I don't make one on my own. LOL

  2. It's more of an extra to be done daily.

  3. I have always washed my pillows but apparently I am doing it the wrong way and darn it my dogs keep chewing up my tennis balls! LOL.
    I will have to check this book out!


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