My Week At A Glance 12

July 16 - 22
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Last week I forgot to show-off post a pic of the quilt I made for the baby shower I attended: 
It's called a 'rag quilt' easy-peasy to make!  That's why I can do it ;)  When the mommy-to-be opened it, she reminded me that I made a quilt for her brother 27  years ago.  Her mom told me each child (9) used it. It must have been one well-made quilt.  I can only hope this one gets as much use!
Ok, enough showing off my quilting onto this week:
My mom and I took a day to go yard-saleing.  Not that either of us need any one else's junk or have any extra money, but it's a great mother/daughter bonding time :)  
I did take a picture of all the stuff we bought that we didn't need or have the $$$ for, but somehow it got deleted.  I will try to list what we got:
  • small chair
  • handheld recorder (which I was planning to buy  new, I mentioned that here)
  • small skateboard
  • yahtzee game
  • noodle toy for pool
  • twin sheets set
  • twin comforter
  • 4 men's t-shirts
  • electric massager thingy (I've been using it for my aching feet)
  • very colorful kids back pack
  • wallet
  • 2 cups of lemonade & 2 chocolate chip cookies
(mom, what did I forget?)  All for less than $ fact, I think it was around $16.00.  I LOVE yard sales :)
The rest of my week was filled with Vacation Bible School.  Every evening from 6:30 - 8:30  my job was teaching the 3rd and 4th graders.  Here's my group:

Yup, EIGHT, count 'em, BOYS!
Every year we have a penny offering to share with some missionary.  This year the pennies are going to buy radios for families in China.  A couple we know works for Trans World Radio in Guam.  They broadcast Christian radio into China.  Many Chinese can't afford a radio.  They cost $35.00 each.  We raised enough $800 this week :) 
One little boy putting in his pennnies

Beach theme this year!  YAY!  All the games had some kind of beach idea.  Here's the towel relay....involving various items, a towel and water!  

Our infamous Game Director....MY DAD!
Each night the kids were asked to wear a certain "theme".  Here's an example of crazy hat night:
How can we have a VBS without crafts?  Well, you can't of course.  Here are the twins, Connor & Andrew displaying their bookmarks.

There were so many people who helped out....what a blessing when everyone takes a part and works so willingly.
Our Pastor
Queens of Snack
Registration Leaders
Teen Song leaders
(my Julie-bug)

Teen Power Point Tech

The week is over, my house is a mess, I am exhausted!  But it was a very good week and, yes, I would do it all over again to have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with these kids!

Time for a haircut this week.  My daughter who is in cosmetology school usually gives me my haircuts, but she lives 200 miles away.  I couldn't stand my uncontrollable mop until the next time I saw her, so I went to the local stylist.  Here are the results:




  1. I feel as though I haven't 'seen' you in forever! I loved VBS when the lovelies were little! We had so much fun! Birdie left for Texas last week--boo. She arrived safely--Yay! DoodleBug turned 20 on Sunday!

    You are so lucky to have a daughter in cosmetology school! That's gonna save you a bundle! Love your bangs! I wear bangs too!

  2. @EmptyNester
    Yes, VBS week certainly takes all my spare time!
    How many times have to talked or texted since birdie left?
    I've been told by several people that I look much younger with bangs....gotta love that :)


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