My Week At A Glance 13

    July 23 - 29

Where did July go....can it really be August next week?  August is my favorite month.  Usually we have great, sunny weather, and NO bugs!  The only down-side is that the ends means that summer is pretty much over :(  I plan on enjoying my August for sure...another beach trip is in the plans.  

I received some lab results this week...guess I have an under-active thyroid.  That explains the previous results of  high cholesterol, and now the continual fatigue, lethargy, headaches, moodiness, slow weight gain, and memory and cognition difficulties. (see, I'm NOT just getting old)

Of course the doctor prescribed some meds that I won't take.

I decided to go to a chiropractor instead.  My first visit was Wednesday....He was very thorough, VERY!  He is recommending acupuncture for the thyroid issues. Not sure how I feel about having needles stuck in me. 

can you say, OUCH?

To think the highlight of my week was to visit a very good looking chiropractor, what an uninteresting life I lead.

The rest of my humdrum week consisted of housework and yard work. The weather has been so nice this week that being outside was a priority....this weather will NOT last very long. 

Oh yea, my son got his license this week too!  Good job Zekey-boy!

 Anything exciting in your week to share?


  1. I came to read and join the meme but it's not here....did I miss something? I probably did.

    Anyway, I hear that acupuncture does not hurt at all! I agree with you on trying other things for the thyroid mother uses conventional medicine for hers and is STILL not quite right--and this has been going on for YEARS!

  2. @EmptyNester
    I discontinued the meme as after 2 months there weren't many who joined up. Decided to just ask for a link in the comments.
    Still deciding on the acupucture


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