My Week At A Glance 9

June 26 - July 2

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The highlight of my week was on Saturday.  Our church participated in the parade with a float.  I was asked to be a clown :)
I think I'd like to be a professional clown.  Those that know me would say I already am....I was even voted 'class clown' my senior year in high school.  So I guess I have a 'gift' for clowning around.  Yea, that's's a gift ;)
My first time was about 4 years ago.  What a fun time I had.  The next year I had a major surgery and was not up to clowning around.  It took a couple years to get back to my clowning ways!
I really missed it..
A clown can get away with A LOT of stuff! From giving teenaged boys PINK lei's to wear, to stopping traffic to stealing someone's necklace (ok, I gave it back, eventually), and just having fun, being silly and making people laugh.  
Here I am with my clown buddy :)

This is what clown nails look like!

roaming the streets making trouble :)
or scaring kids..2 actually cried!

Headed toward some unsuspecting targets ;)
I only had one piece of candy left...and there were 4 kids
So I made a HUGE show, sobbing uncontrollably
 (I decided I'd be a mute clown, much more fun that way)
Then decided to give my last piece to the gramma!

I've decided I'm going to invest in my own clown suit and accessories.  I hope to do this many more times.  I think I've found my calling!

After the fun of the parade we relaxed at a friend's beach.  I even went swimming, that's how hot it was out.  I LOVE IT!!!  

Oh the fun we have!
Tubing anyone?

A mother's nightmare!

The kids spend hours with this huge skidder tube using it for all kinds of crazy things.  

Nope, never been to Florida.....yet
My friend bought this for me when she went.
I am a smiley fanatic ;)

Beautiful sunset

a little later

The bonfire

waiting for fireworks

This is what summer is all about.  Sun, fun, water, friends, bonfires, food.....ahhhh...Why can't life be like this everyday?