Life in Perspective when dealing with loss

It has been a hard week for a nearby community 15 miles from my home.  Last week an 11 year old girl was missing....Celina Cass.  I was shocked to hear something like this happening so close to my home.  This is what movies are made of, not an event that occurs just miles from where I have called "home" for 25 years. 

I did not recognize the name, but still felt fear, sorrow and compassion for the family who is living anyone's worst nightmare!  Then one day as I was reading updates on the search, I saw a picture of her mother....oh, no!  I know that woman!  Not personally, but if I passed her on the street, I know her well enough to nod and smile a hello.  

Something that is close to home in distance, suddenly becomes close to home in my heart.  I cry for her as my mother's heart begins to break...fear encroaches as I send up a prayer for this little girl that at this point, only God knows what has become of her.

Things are put into perspective....this blog is nothing, my petty problems shrink to dust, those little irritating things that my kids do become welcome distractions.  I find myself waking in the middle of the night in terror, praying. Of course the questions swirl around in my mind..."why, who where?"  "Oh God," I cry, "please bring her home."

Today a body is found in the river behind her home.....her house becomes a crime scene....police everywhere, media looking to answer all of our questions which only bring on more questions.  The truth will be told, but we wait, wondering what has become of this safe rural community???

Even so come, Lord Jesus.....


  1. Close to home does make it seem much more real. Too real. So sad.


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