One Year Blogoversary! begins an 8 day giveaway extravaganza DAY 6: PANTS ON FIRE

That's what this game is all about!

If you're a good liar story-teller, this game is for you.  OR if you are the type who can 'sense' someone is stretching the truth a bit, you'll do well.

Quick synopsis from the website:

Can you tell who’s telling the truth and who’s a liar? A card is flipped over...and you come face to face with three events in your life. Everybody races to write down a little something about each event and by one, reveal their secrets. BUT... who says you have to tell the truth?

 Time to embellish a bit, twist the facts around or hey, just lie like a rug! But remember, everyone will be betting on which of your stories are real and which are false. So if you’re going to win Pants on Fire, will you be truthful... or a liar?

Players vote true or false after hearing three 'facts' about one player. Correct guesses win you points! Incorrect guesses...not so much.  So... just, how well DO you know your friends and family?

This game is best played with people that you want to get to know.  We played with the family...let's just say that it's hard for my kids to lie as I know MOST of what they've done in their lives.  But they did hear a few stories about mom and her childhood that were, well, some of it was true ;)

Complete rules can be read here.  Definitely a game for teenagers and adults.  I don't know any younger ones that would even get how this game goes.

Sound like fun?  Wanna win your own Pants on Fire Game? 

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