Body of Evidence DVD review from Timberdoodle

Whenever a newbie homeschooler asks me where to get curriculum I always say:  "You've GOT TO go to Timberdoodle.  This is one of THE BEST one-stop shop for homeschoolers I've seen.  And I've seen a lot over 20 years.
Shopping for curriculum has become overwhelming, there is SO much out there now compared to 20 years ago when I started.  Anyone just starting out can easily get discouraged not knowing where to begin, who to believe or how much to spend.  
Thankfully Timberdoodle knows this and they have put together curriculum packages  with books from various publishers for babies - 10th grade.  (I do believe they are working on 11th and 12th grades also)  They pick the best of the best....and I agree with their choices.  Many are books I have used successfully in our school.
When they decided to have a blogging program, I wanted IN!  I applied, and was thrilled when I was accepted into Because Mom Said blogging program.
One of my first items to review is one DVD in a series of 8 called Body of Evidence Curriculum.  The topics are:
1:  Cells & Tissue
2:  Skeletal System
3:  Integumentary System (Skin)
4:  Cardiovascular System (Heart)
5:  Respiratory System (Lungs)
6:  Digestive System
7:  Urinary System
8:  Hearing Ear & Seeing Eye

This whole set can be purchased for $99.95 or just one for only $14.99. Available separately is a 64-page study guide with over 600 questions your student can use as they view the DVDs for $5.99. 

I was sent #4: Cardiovascular System and the guide.  I find it interesting this topic was sent to me because my dad had a heart transplant 10 years ago.  So this topic is close to my 'heart'  :)

Ok, so what did we think of this? 

My 13 year old daughter said it was a good presentation that was easy to follow.  The study guide questions were answered plainly. 

Not being much into the study of the human body, this is high praise from her ;)

Overall, here are my impressions:

  • Each topic can be purchased separately 
  • Dr. Menton, the instructor, is well-versed in the topics
  • Great props are used to show what is being discussed
  • Dr. Menton's passion for the design of the body is evident
  • Creation based
  • Presentation is easy to follow and understand
  • Any new terminology is explained
  • Guide book questions follow the lecture.  Answers are plainly stated
  • A bit "cheesy" having 2 students in 'class'.  I would prefer it to be a lecture type as if he were talking directly to the ones viewing the DVD.
  • There is mention of previous topics with the assumption that they have been viewed.  Causes some confusion.
This is a series I would highly recommend.  I feel much can be learned from Dr. Menton.  He talks on a very understandable level with ease and interest.

Timberdoodle has many more science programs to chose from.  Click on over to their website to see them all!

*I received a complimentary copy of the DVD as a part of the Timberdoodle's blogging team,  Because Mom Said, for my honest review.

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