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ENJOY Professional Hair Care has recommendations for your hair that are perfect for you.  Find the above form at www.experienceenjoy.com ....fill in your specifics.....find the perfect products for you!
I don't do much with my hair.  I'm  a wash and air-dry kind of girl. After filling out the above form this is what I received from ENJOY:
My hair tends to fizz, especially in the heat of summer.  After washing, I applied the straightener.  It controlled the frizz without weighing down my hair.  Nice product!
This product is also for frizz control.  A smoothing mask to enrich dry, unruly hair.  It truly leaves hair soft, smooth and easy to manage.  Can also be used as an intensive treatment...just apply, cover hair with plastic, apply heat for up to 20 minutes infusing your hair with health.  Yet another great product.
I also received samples of their shampoos and conditioners. All their shampoos are sulfate-free...Sulfate is a chemical that drys the hair and irritates the scalp...it's a cheap detergent/degreaser that is harmful to your hair and skin.  It is also known for great lathering,which most people (me included) think is giving a great clean...NOT!
Even without the sulfates, there was plenty of lather so I felt I was getting a good clean.  In fact, my hair actually FELT 'squeaky' clean!  I considered using the conditioner.....  I've not used conditioners for years because my hairdresser has informed me that if I use a great shampoo, conditioners are not necessary, most just weigh down hair.   I have found this to be true. BUT I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get a comb through my squeaky clean hair. Well, for years I've not used one, so to really 'test'  this product, I decided against the conditioner.  Combing was a breeze!  
I tried the Hydrating Shampoo for smooth, silky, frizz-free hair....YES it gave me smooth, silky, frizz-free hair.  
I also tried the Rejuvenating Volumizing Shampoo and I seriously could not believe how FULL my hair felt....I loved this shampoo!

ENJOY not only has a full line of hair care products but skin care also.  I was sent the Hand and Body lotion

This lotion soaked right into my skin without leaving a greasy feeling.  The pleasant aroma was an added plus.  

All ENJOY products can be purchased only at quality salons.  The website has a salon locator so you can find where to purchase their products in your area.

Would you like to try before you buy?  Enter below to win everything I was sent to review....shampoo/conditioner samples, full-size bottles of the Hair Mask, Straightener and Hand and Body lotion.  Winner will be drawn 9/20!

I think your hair will ask for more ENJOY once you give it a try!

**I received complimentary products from ENJOY  for my honest review

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  1. You can purchase Enjoy products at In The Garden A Day Spa in Gainesville, FL


  2. Closest one near me is Savvy Hair Studio in Hoboken, NJ
    lovekatydid at g mail dot com

  3. Mila's Salon on otay lakes road in chula vista, ca is closest to me
    sarah at realtorsd.com


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