My Week At A Glance 16

August 27 - September 2, 2010

I have a confession to make....I have a new drug of choice....not sure what the old "make me feel good" item was, but I have one now. 

It's called acupuncture....I highly recommend it.  But you have to find someone who is very good at it.  Someone from the East or who at least learned from a Eastern native.  

I literally had over 30 needles from my feet to the top of my head!

I have had 4 sessions....YES, I feel a whole lot better.  No more joint pain, headaches, fatigue, moodiness, grumpy-pants. I am amazed at the changes!
My 3rd session was weird. About 10 minutes into it I began to sob, uncontrollably.  I compare it to labor, when it's time to push.  The Doc may say "don't push" BUT you can't control it....your body takes over and there's no stopping it.  That is exactly what happened.  In  my mind I was telling  myself to stop, but I couldn't.  Then I felt so peaceful and calm.  Later, I again began to sob, and again a calm and peace came over me.  Dr. Clark said that is not uncommon and that she was pleased how well I was responding to acupuncture.   For about an hour after, I was giddy.  My 13 year old daughter, Julie-bug, kept asking what was wrong with me :)  

I don't really understand 'how' this works, but I do know how I feel.  And it is better!

I became a great-auntie again, this time to a niece! Cinda-Sue!  She lives in TX, so I'm not sure when/if I'll ever meet her.  BUT Auntie Cindy HAD to make her a little quilt that can snuggle her cuz I can't!
Here it is:

Every square has a heart quilted into it.

The rest of my week was doing this:

And as you can see, I will be doing A LOT of this