Really??? Another Birthday? we get old  age, the birthday seems less important. Just another day in the quickly passing year. 

When I was little, my dad would tell me my birthday was a national holiday that EVERYONE celebrated.  (Veteran's Day)  He would always be home on my day.  I don't remember what we did, but I knew I was a special because he told me so ;)  I truly believed for many, many years that my birthday was celebrated all across America.  :) 

While my kids were growing up we always made birthdays very special.  Partly because my kids are so special, but also because we didn't celebrate very many other holidays.  Birthday's gave us a reason to do something out of the ordinary, fun, exciting! (and spend $$$).

My birthday was always made nice due to my oldest daughter, Sampy-June.  She MADE sure everyone else either made me a card or bought me something nice.  Now that she is out of the house, the day is not quite as special.  BUT this year she did make it very special.  



I bought her a wedding dress   


Now THAT'S a special birthday ;)

(haha, no sneak peak)

The funny part is she bought dress 11 on 11/11/11.  

After this excitement, my children decided to take me out to eat at the Olive Garden, my favorite restaurant.  Being Veterans Day, it was very busy.  We only had to wait 1.25 hours.  Gotta love salad & bread sticks to wait that long to get some!  

Today when I get home I understand I have an interesting gift waiting for me from my hubby.  I'll post a pic tomorrow ;)

Enjoy your week!  



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