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I am part of a Virtual Curriculum Fair started by Homeschooling Hearts & Minds.  Every week in the month of January, I will be posting about a home schooling topic.  This week is on Language Arts.

This is my all-time favorite subject.  It's such a wide range of studies...of course, grammar, but also, writing, reading, logic, spelling, speech, literature, poetry and more!

I have been a home school mom for 20 years.  I've done A LOT of different curriculum in the above subjects.  I'll share a few of the 'winners' in our family.

The first that comes to mind is "Learning to Write the Novel Way" by Carole Thaxton of Konos fame.  My oldest daughter used this and LOVED it!   It took her step by step into the writing process.  She was able to complete a novel using just this guide.  

For grammar, Easy Grammar is a staple.  Using the preposition approach makes dissecting sentences a breeze.  In my opinion is this best in the younger grades and for remedial older students.  Easy Grammar gives the students a good grasp on the parts of speech.  Which lays a wonderful foundation for future grammar study.  

In the higher grades, I found Jensen's Grammar a good fit.  This builds upon the simple parts of speech and moves the student deeper into grammar skills.

Critical Thinking books are a MUST in every homeschool.  We have used their Building Thinking skills, Editor-in-Chief, Reading Detectives and Daily Mind Builders.  These books make the learning of these subjects fun and enjoyable.  

I almost forgot Wordly Wise books.  We used these for vocabulary beginning around 6th grade.  Although my children never really 'enjoyed' them, I found them a good way to broaden my kid's vocabulary.   


A couple of times I tried a Latin course...but quickly discarded it.  The only 'benefit' I could ever see was knowing the roots of our English words... Wordly Wise covered some roots so it was introduced to them.  

For a couple of years when my older children were younger we did a monthly newsletter that we mailed to friends and family. (no internet then)  It is great fun to look back and read their entries into that newsletter.  This project covered many areas of Language Arts...writing, spelling, editing, envelope addressing, critiquing, and more!

We called it "Life At The Lemay's". 

Today a similar idea would be a family blog.  Consider the possibilities here...and the readership!!!  hmmmm  wish I still had a house full of kids!

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  1. I also love Worldly Wise! It is so inspiring to find a homeschooling mom of 20 years!

  2. I need to check out "Learning to Write the Novel Way," sounds good. ;0)
    Thank you for joining our Virtual Curriculum Fair.

  3. @Modest Mama By the time I'm done it will be 25 years...that's a lot of schooling ;)

  4. The family newsletter or blog is a great idea. i may have to institute that... :-)


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