I survived day 1 of the 30 Day Shred Challenge......barely!

30 Day Shred Challenge

Just about the time you think your kids love you, they ask you to join them on a weight-loss/get-in-shape-for-the-wedding journey.  

Yeah, Sampy-June has asked me to join her for a 30 day Shred work out with Jullian Michaels. 
 I think she is trying to kill me so I won't be there to cry at her wedding.

I did say I would 'attempt' to do this with her....you've got to understand---I am allergic to exercise...last time I tried to do an exercise program I ended up in the hospital with a brain tumor (I'm told the exercise and the tumor were unrelated....I'm not so sure ;/)

So I've ordered the DVD and started this page on my blog to keep me accountable.  

Sampy-June has also started a blog during this 30 day torture workout.  You can follow her at

I'll be back when the DVD arrives....that is IF I live through the first session.


I did it and I'm alive to talk about it :)

I am SO out of shape....or this is a very tough DVD....OR maybe BOTH!!!

I completed the 1st session with a couple of breaks.  I couldn't complete all the jumping jacks or jump roping-my knees couldn't take it.  

The cardio is a KILLER.  I am sure this is where I will see the most improvement as I continue.

The strength training is my favorite part.  I like the way she works the upper and lower muscles at the
same time.

The abs workouts are tough and the area I most need it.  I had a very tough time with the last exercise in 
this section (can't remember the name).  Jillian stated it was her favorite because it works whole ab area at the same time.  Probably why I found it the hardest.

After the 27 minutes I was BEAT!  I was shaking! My knees were hurting! I was sweaty! I felt like puking! 

 I had a hard time climbing the stairs too.  It took about an hour before I began to feel better.

To think I have to do this all over again tomorrow!  Oh boy!!


  1. You GO girl! Good for you! Keep it up- it just seems like it's killing you. It won't really. I thought running was going to kill me but I'm still here. Sort of. LOL Seriously, this is great! If I didn't hate Jillian I would try it myself.

    1. I think I'm going to hate her soon myself....

  2. Be proud of your accomplishment! I only made it through 10 minutes before I had to call it quits today AND I hurt my foot in the process. (sigh)
    My friends at church talked me into joining MyFitnessPal.com. One of the other ladies did the "shred thing" too!

    1. You must have not had the right form while doing the exercise. Don't let this stop you...keep at it.


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