Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Remembrance Quilt

When my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer in April of 2011, it was very hard to hear that he would only be with us for about another 6 months.  At the time, he and my mom were in Florida.  They were planning on spending the summer with us in Vermont.  I prayed that God would give us a good summer together.  

After he left his earthly body on November 21st, I had to remember to thank God for allowing us to spend the summer together.  

Later, my mom asked me to make a quilt using dad's flannel shirts.  I agreed.  Never realizing how hard it would be :/  

The box of his shirts sat in my sewing room for about 2 months tucked away under the table.  I knew I would have to get to that project sometime.  I questioned why I agreed to do this.

Finally the day came when I bravely opened the box and pulled out his shirts.  Taking them out one by one I was flooded with memories... and the tears came as I began to cut them apart.  Once again it hit dad doesn't need these anymore and he never will! 

 BUT one shirt I just couldn't cut.  

Ya know in movies when someone would take a loved ones clothing, smell it, embrace it and cry?  Well, I always thought that was really lame----who really DOES THAT?, I guess I really do that.  It really DID smell like him (mom, did you send me unwashed clothes?.....always have to mask the feelings with a bit of humor :/)  

Realizing that I wasn't going to get this project done standing over his cut-up shirts crying like a baby, I once again thanked God for my dad---prayed for help to finish this quilt for my mom and continued on.  

After a couple of hours figuring, measuring, wondering how I was going to get this idea in my head to work, I finally had a plan and began to make a "Remembrance Quilt" in memory of my dad and with love for my mom.  

Rag Quilt 

The finished product isn't quite what I had pictured, but was made from a daughter to her mom in memory of a man they both loved deeply, yet in different ways.


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  1. It's wonderful! Beautiful! Fantastic! I love it! I'm so glad you did this. I know your mom will love it!


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