Confessions of a 30 Day Shredder

DAY TEN:  3/3/12

This really should be day eleven...

yup, I missed yesterday.  

The only time of day I could have completed my session would have been at 8 PM.  Because I have so much trouble with sleep , I didn't want to exercise before bedtime.  Last time I did that my sleep was worse than ever.  So I just made the decision to skip the day. 

That one day skip made to difference in today's workout.  I completed it without taking a break.  I still do not do the jump rope but substitute with butt kicks.  The jump rope is just too hard on my knees still.

I think I am  almost ready to move onto level 2. 


maybe at day 14. 

My soreness is minimal and I can complete all the moves successfully.  

My daughter suggested that I watch level 2 a few times before begin it, so I'll do that over the next 4 days.


  1. Yes, Cindy, let's do talk soreness. I mean, since it's all your fault that I decided to go ahead and try that evil 30 Day Shred and all. :) Today is the first day with no pain. It's been TOUGH! I went ahead and ordered the set- I've been doing level 1 via You Tube. I'm actually a little bit scared to even watch level 2. LOL Today is my day off- the husband is home and getting in my way of everything! I thought I was going to have the 20 minutes at one point but he kept calling me so, there you go. In all honesty, I really do appreciate your inspiration! Because of you I actually did it instead of think about doing it!

    1. I've not watched level 2 as yet, but my 25 year old daughter, who also goes to the gym, says it's a killer! UGH!! Not sure I want to 'graduate' :)
      Knowing that you are doing it too is motivation for me to continue! Us empty nesters need to stick together!

  2. Think long and hard before going to level 2! I did it--once. Thought I was gonna die! Of course, you're probably in better shape than I am. I've never made it the whole 30 days. You're inspiring me, though, to try again!


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