Mystery of the Puzzle Bones review

Boys love an adventure.  So if they can't be in an adventure, how about giving them a chance to read about an adventure.  Mystery of the Puzzle Bones is just that an adventure with a mystery!

The book starts off with a bully chasing 2 boys, a scene which catches the reader's attention immediately.  Once the boys are safe in their 'underground' club house...they discover a puzzle of bones.   And now the reader is hooked.

Page after page is filled with fun and excitement.  But most importantly the story encourages children to include Jesus in their life situations and in their decision making.  

Author T.A. Smith saw the need for good Christian reading for boys.  Something that was exciting and suspenseful.  He hit the mark with his series of books called The Boardunders Club. 

This series is geared for reading ages of 8 - 14, but can be read aloud to younger children.  Oh yea, girls may enjoy the story too!

To read more about this series and the author, T.A. Smith, visit his website

* I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.