Think Fun Review-Mini Mouth

Thinkfun is exactly what the name suggests....think while having fun!  This company offers many games that make learning fun!

I was able to review this  new game for 2012: 

Mini Mouth

The game is simple, yet has many educational uses.  Basically you lay out the tiles lettered A - Z face down.  One player chooses  2 - 5 tiles.  Flipping them over to reveal the letters, all players than try to say words that contain all those letters.  First one to do that, wins those tiles.  Play continues until all tiles are used.  The one with the most tiles at the ends wins!  Simple!

As a home educator I found this a great spelling tool. Just pick out letters that are in your child's spelling words.  See if he/she can 'see' their spelling word with only a few of the letters in that word.  Or even try it for vocabulary.  

This game includes a handy pull-string bag to hold the letters.  Easy to carry in your purse or diaper bag to pull out while waiting at the doctor's office, restaurant or even at a picnic.

Competition is always a great motivator for learning, don't you think?

Would you like to give it a try?  Sign up below to win your own Mini Mouth Game!

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