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Friends, they come and go, don't they?  

When I look back over the years, many faces come to mind.  It's funny,though, none of the people that I still call 'friend' are people I went to school with.  

As a home school mom I hear that a lot....how are they going to make friends?  In my case, I met my lasting friends in the neighborhood or at church.

I remember my very first friend.  I must have been around 4 or 5.  She was the daughter of my mom's friend who lived a couple houses down the street.  Her name is Robin.  We lost touch over the years as her family moved south,when our moved north.  Recently we found each other again on Facebook :)

When I moved north at 8 years old, God gave me 2 friends to replace the one I moved away from.  Those 2 friends are still a huge part of my life.  In fact, our daughters are now best friends.  

I met Misty first.  She was a neighbor and a couple years younger than I.  We spent a lot of time together playing jacks, spit, and whatever else we could think of.  40+ years later and we are still friends (even though it's been over 10 years since she's been to VT to visit me)

Then at church I met Sue. She lived further away so we could only get together after church, at a church function, or when our parents got together (who also happened to become best friends). Sue is the one I got into trouble with.  The one who I did all those 'first' bad things with!  Yea, the churched friend!  Go figure!!!

My best childhood friends, Misty & Sue, married twin brothers!  How weird is that?  We are still friends after 40+ years....now just a phone call away.

When my  hubby and I moved to VT after 2 years of marriage, I was lonely.  Very lonely.  
Then I became good friends with Lori at church.  She is one of those people who just brings a smile to your face.  We would visit with each other a least once a week.  She was the one I could trust to watch my children.  I KNEW that all I had to do was ask and she would be there for me.  She is still that way.  We don't talk/see each other much at all, but when I need her, I am confident she is just a phone call away.   

Just before we left this church my hubby's friend, Ray, brought a beautiful young very french woman, Leonardra to church.  Just to look at her I knew she was waaaayyyy out of my league.  She was gorgeous, poised, intelligent.....yea, you know the type. (nothing like Ray).  Anyway,  Ray & Leo married and one New Year's Eve (I think) they came to our house.  We played games and laughed and laughed.  Even though she spoke very little English, I discovered she was a sweet woman. 
As the years passed, we spent every Halloween and New Year's Eve together.  We had Bible Studies together.  Secretly she was planning on her son marrying my daughter (didn't happen, this daughter is now married to a different great guy).  We still have our annual New Year's Eve party together at which time we promise we will get together during the year, which we never do!

Years passed and we began attending a different church.  I just couldn't seem to connect closely with anyone there.  Then I began working with Renee at Kid's club.  She is 11 years younger than I, but we just clicked!  She keeps me young by dragging me to FL, CBD, a weekend away, or just a day trip.  

There is one last person I need to mention that I would call 'friend' and that is Marilyn.  We became close when she needed someone to give her a ride to Cape Cod for a week's vacation.  Jokingly I said I would do it never thinking she'd take me up on it!  We bonded that week as we realized that even though she is old enough to be my mom, we have much in common.  She is my prayer warrior!  When I need a swift kick in the butt spiritually, she's the one to give it!

There are others I could name, but these 6 are the closest to my heart.
WOW, God has blessed me with 1/2 dozen people I call best friends!  

Who do you call friend?



  1. I was just telling my husband the other day that some of my closest friends are online now. We just are there for each other, know what the other needs. Funny how that happens...

    1. Interesting how our communication has changed and thus how we make friends!

  2. Being surrounded by good friends throughout our lives is so important and good and wonderful and...:) Not being a 'people' person gives huge meaning to those I call friends. They sure put up with a lot. LOL

  3. I have a tiny group of friends that I've known for--wow, I can't believe it--almost 30 years now! In fact, one of them (Katie) and I started this blog together :) And last year, we began a girls weekend that we're hoping to keep an annual tradition.

    There are many friends that have passed in and out of my life, and some I really miss. Others live so darn far away I only get to see them once a decade! But I value all of them.


    1. Oh fun, a girl's weekend. I hope you can continue it in the years to come!

  4. Wow, how blessed you are to have such beautiful friends. I'm still youngish and looking forward to a lifetime of making new best friends :)

    Universal Gibberish

    1. Enjoy every one of them for however long they grace your life!


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