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iPad 2

My mom sent me some $$$ that my dad wanted me to have after he passed.  My desire was to spend it on myself, something special.  So when I didn't win this contest for an iPad, I began researching about the iPad a bit more.  This only intensified my want. 

Spending almost $500 on a toy isn't easy for me.  I am thrifty!  I don't spend $$$ just because.  And especially on myself for something frivolous.  BUT I did have this 'extra' money, and I did want to spend it on something just for me.....so....


After the All new iPad came out, the iPad 2 reduced in price by $100.00.  This made my purchase a little easier :)

Admittedly, I've had buyer's remorse a couple of times.  $500 is a ton of money for anything, never mind a toy.  BUT again, I remind myself that I view this as a last gift from my dad and that makes me feel a bit better.

Now I just have to get it out of my 14 year old daughter's hand so I can use it  ;)


  1. Aw, don't you just love how kids know how to help us out? A bad thing about technology is that it's outdated in a matter of months and there's really no way to update our current but to get a new one. Imagine the landfills? *shiver* I think there should be ways for us to keep up with the trash, too!


    A to Z co-host

    1. hahaha...yea, they know how to DO it but not teach me how :)


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