A-Z blogging challenge...Q


Being fairly new to quilting I haven't made very many quilts.  I have found that I enjoy most of it.    Putting the top together is fun to watch as it comes together, but the hand quilting is just yuck!

I am currently working on a Bargello quilt called "Surf Song" for my daughter as a wedding gift.  

This is a pic of what it will look like when finished.
It is challenging, but beautiful.

Here are a few of the ones I've done:
black & white

Baby rag 

Remembrance made from  my dad's shirts
for  my mom

I call this one 'Stained Glass'

Baby coins

My first rag quilt
fabric I bought while on family vacation

I Spy

Family quilt I made for my daughter
for a wedding gift 2 years ago.
Read about the making of this one here

This is a fun and rewarding hobby.  My favorite ones are rag quilts and baby quilts because they are both very easy and quick to complete.