Week at a Glance is BACK :)

April 29 - May 5

Tim Hawkins is a great comedian.  Here's a sample of what he does.

Somehow he can take everyday stuff and just make it absolutely hilarious. He is a riot. My son bought his most recent DVD so we enjoyed it with some friends this week!

I am a lister in our town. We have until June 4th to have all the values of properties in town documented. Today I spent 4 hours in the office attempting to finish up the last few details. Of course nothing went smoothly...but we were finally successful. Now to return next week and print out all the change of appraisal letters and set grievance day. Should be fun :/

I have spent many hours on a sewing project that needs to be completed mid-July...it is a KING sized quilt.  This is the most challenging quilt I've done.  I'm excited to see it finished!

What was a highlight of your life last week?