Week At a Glance

May 6 - 12

The beginning of this week I was out and about until Thursday when I crashed!  I had planned on shopping for fabric on Thursday, but Wednesday night I was hit with a migraine....HARD!!!  
UGH....I hate that nauseating, head pounding, eye hurting, body aching pain that migraines bring.  Excedrin is the ONLY thing that ever helps, but at night I don't take it because it will keep me up.  Well, I should have taken some cuz I was up most of the night feeling awful. 

So on Thursday instead of shopping, I stayed in bed until noon.  With my head still feeling full and yucky, I just stayed down and didn't do much at all.  Everyone needs a quiet day every now and then, just wish I felt well when I had mine.

Thankfully by Thursday evening I was feeling much, much better.  So Friday brought my planned Thursday activities....shopping.  Which was not very successful as far as fabric goes, but I did get some nice new sneakers :)

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  1. Sneakers are good - - -

    I often have days where I rest without even having a migraine to spur it on!

  2. I'm so sorry about your migraines; that's awful. Here's to a migraine-free week! :)


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