Speed of Light Review

I'm not much into Sci-Fi or fantasy, really.  Yet, this book really does grab the reader's attention and holds it to the end.  

When a book is a good read I have to read it in one sitting.  I think of it as a movie...I don't watch an hour or less of a movie, shut it off and finish it the next day or whenever.  NO! I watch it to the end.  That is how I was with this book.  I just HAD to finish it, which I regretted the next day when I was so tired from staying up reading :)

Lee Baker is a masterful writer.  I could picture the scenes in my mind as I followed Pierce Black on his journey with light.  Hoping that he would discover what was 'behind' the death of his loved ones and who was after him.

I thought I had it all figured out....but I didn't.  Another reason why this was a good book.


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