You have a flower garden?

I am not a gardener....I have what we call a black thumb:  I touch it, it dies pretty much sums it up.  

Last year my mom and I transplanted some flowers from my garden in front of a smaller house we used to live in but now rent to our yard where we currently live.

I am so proud of how well they are doing that I want to show them off:

Do you have a favorite?
Mine is the purple one, but I don't know the name
Help me out, please?


  1. I am a huge fan of anything in the daisy family! But all of them are so pretty! Good for you!

    1. My wedding flower was a daisy ;)

  2. Pretty sure that purple one is called a Balloon Flower. I have one, but wish I had more as it doesn't really spread and gets lost amongst all of my other bushier flowers. Just in case you were curious the yellow one is a Sundrop (sometimes called Evening Primrose) and it will spread like crazy. And pretty sure the one below that is Dianthus. :) Good luck! I love gardening. That is when my plants stay alive ;)

    1. Oh yea...balloon flower-that sounds right.
      You are correct about the Evening Primrose...that has spread like crazy!
      Dianthus-never heard of that before

      Thanks for your help with the varieties

  3. I love the blue flower, it is beautiful and unique.


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