December 2 - 8

One would never know it was December in Vermont by looking out the window.  No snow and today it is raining. 


This does not make me sad in the least.  I don't like winter, I don't like snow, I don't like cold.  Well, at least I don't have to deal with one out of the 3.

This week I did a lot of sewing.  I am involved in a project I wish to finish up so I can begin my future granddaughter's quilts.  Yes, quiltS.  I am making one for her crib and one titled "100 Kisses".  This one is for her to have with her all of the time to remind her how much Gramma loves her!  It will be made out of the left over fabric from the quilt I made for her parents' (notice how they are already 'her parents' and not my daughter and son-in-law...hehe) wedding quilt. I'm anxious to get going on those.

I also found out this week that I was accepted as an Ambassador for iBloom.

Never heard of it?  It is a group of women on a mission to equip all women to have a life they love and honors God.  This group offers "life coaching" to women who are looking to make some changes in their lives. As an Ambassador it is my job to share this mission to the women in my life.  Whether that woman is in person or virtual, like you :) 

It starts off with a book called  "iChoose 2Love my Life".  This book takes a one year journey with the reader to a life they love.  I'm awaiting my copy and I will begin that journey in 2013.  If I dare, I will blog about it :)  If you want to join me on this life-enriching journey, comment below and I'll be sure you get a copy of the book and an invite to a private Facebook group I'll be starting in January.

Ok, off to sew....until next time!


  1. Are you getting the two memorial quilts finished? Before you get busy with all the other planned projects!

    1. DONE....will post pics after they have been received. I'm starting the t-shirt one this week.


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