December 9 - 15

My week was very productive.  I was able to finish 3 quilts that were in various stages of completion.  

Here's a pic of one:

The actual quilting part was completed by my sister-in-law over a year ago.  She owns an awesome quilting machine.  I'm saving my pennies to someday own one myself.  I had to finish it off with the binding.  

The other 2 I can't post until the recipients get them.  Who knows, they might read my blog...just maybe ???

Here are 2 table runners I also completed:

Amid all the sewing going on I received a phone call from my son to let me know that he will be giving me a daughter-in-law next summer (yes, it IS all about me!)

Here's the handsome groom-to-be....



Ok, this was taken....

Ugh!!! This is going to much harder than I thought.....

Good thing I already love my future daughter-in-law:

close up of custom-designed ring:

The blessings of last week helped when the horribleness of Friday came!  There is so much evil in this world yet I feel as if I am distanced from most of it.  I live in my own little bubble in the woods in the middle of nowhere.  But then I reflect on my own heart and realize that evil lies there also...only by God's grace is it kept under control.

I wanted to write a post to answer the 'why' question everyone is asking.  The title was going to be

 "God is pro-choice"

Of course, not in the definition of Planned Parenthood.  But in the definition that He allows us to make our own choices..  It's called 'free-will in Biblespeak.  We decide if we are going to give in to the evil within us or let His love control us.  ANY one of us that chooses wrong could act in such a manner as this young man did.  We are all capable of such vile acts.  The difference is choice!  

Some say "God could have stopped this!"...I don't disagree...He could have.  Yet, do you want God to intervene when you are making a bad choice?  Do you want Him to take over and MAKE you choose the right?  Do you????  I think not.  

From the beginning God has always given mankind a choice....and from the beginning mankind has made bad choices. Go back to Genesis in a perfect world, perfect parent, perfect environment...yet the wrong choice was made.  A few chapters later another wrong choice is made and the first murder is committed.  Choices define us and affect everyone around us whether we intend them to or not!

The other point I wanted to make was as sad as it is that these little lives were ended so suddenly it's those that are left behind that are still suffering.  Think of the little ones who LIVED through this.  They are the ones that need our prayers, love and support.  I can't imagine the fear in their little hearts that they will deal with for a very, very long time.
Please don't take this wrong...I grieve with the families and friends who lost someone.  It's horrible, but what about those families/friends who are going to deal with this on a day-to-day basis as they watch their child cry at night in fear, or are terrified to go back to school...think of that.  Think about a father and a brother who have to live with the fact that their son/brother killed their wife/mother and 27 other people for WHAT????

In my opinion it is the living that should be plastered all over Facebook asking for prayer for them.  Their pain, fear, suffering is only beginning....Those are the ones that I think of and pray for.  The living victims!

One more thing, then I'm done....You can't legislate morality.  You can make stricter laws, but if I choose not to obey them, the result is the same.

It really IS all about choice!

What is your choice?


  1. Wow! That is intense and exactly my thoughts, although I could not have written it so well. We must be related since we DO think a lot alike.

    I love the blue are getting good at creating these things. That talent you DID not get from your mother!
    Love you a bunch.


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