My Week At a Glance

January 6 - 12

This week was fairly boring.  I spent most of the week trying to get rid of this cold.  My remedies included:
  • essential oils:  a combination called "the flu bomb"
  • cinnamon/honey combination (this helped with the 'tickle')
  • one night I did the above mixed in vodka
  • lots and lots of water to the point that I was so full of water I ate very little
  • 1000 mg vitamin C every 1/2 hour
The last 2 are my stand by and they help every time.  Maybe I should stick with what I know works!

Not 100% better, but better.  Still have a nagging cough.  I'm told that it may last for months.  :(

My hubby is dealing with high blood pressure.  He is trying to get it down naturally.  We are not too big on medication around here.  So far, no success.  He has lost 12-15 pounds just by cutting out soda and sweets.  But the blood pressure is not going down consistently.  His lowest numbers were 135/85 while his highest was 172/110.  He is staying around 150-160/100-110.  Not good enough at all.  He saw a chiropractor/kinesiologist on Friday.  Diagnosis:  adrenal stress, artery inflammation and severe whiplash.  After a lot of adjusting and suggested supplementation with b vitamins and adrenal support, he will return in 2 weeks to see if there is improvement.  We know the body can heal itself IF given the right nutrients to do so.  But it takes time which is not our friend right now.

This week's playoff game with Houston was a good one.  

Next week:   take down the Ravens!

 Then get ready for a 

Super bowl 



  1. Praying for both of u! I'm still fighting the cold too. :-[


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