Wishing for the past...

I thought it would be fun to take a look back 1 year from today.  Never would I have thought last year on 1/17/12 that 2013 would bring me a granddaughter.  My life has come full circle!  A double blessing from God!  

Here's my family today:


I caught the last 5 minutes of "A Baby Story" today and it made me cry :(  
The family  had just given birth to their 2nd daughter.  It showed the dad, mom and their 2 little girls just enjoying life.  

It brought me back to 20 years ago or more when we had our 2 little girls.  And I cried and cried!  Oh to hold that baby and snuggle that 2 year old....my heart aches for those days.

Yet, I am no longer the young mom to babes or toddlers but the older mom to adults and teenagers.  

Back then they were always with me...now, I've got to schedule time with them.  

Then I had no time for phone calls...now, everything gets put aside when they call to chat. 

I've gone from wiping bums to helping plan weddings...   

I try to enjoy what is now and not wish for years gone by....then something reminds me and gives me that longing once again and my heart hurts and the tears fall.  

Walk with me....but bring the tissues !

look at those tiny feet

For the love of books

sibling love

country kids
And then there were FIVE
Memere with the grandkids


Probably 20 years from now I will be wishing for now, so I will dry the tears, give thanks for now and smile at the blessings God has given and continues to give me!


  1. This is where I was at right before both my girls got married in the same month..of 2009. Bawling and having empty arms with my girls all grown up and becoming wives! ...the good news?....eventually the grandbabies come...and we have the gift of holding and loving our babies' babies. But I hear ya! Everytime I look at an old photograph of Melyssa and Lindsay, I soooo miss those days when they needed me! By the way...You are a GREAT MOM! I love your family! They are truly special and exceptional young people! Hugs to all! <3

    1. I'm just being a sappy old woman today ! I have so many blessings...just some days what I currently have doesn't seem to be enough.

  2. NOOOOO!!!! Tell me it's not so!
    Okay, I do miss even 7 years ago when I could snuggle a little body next to me on a chilly morning. Now she wants to snuggle with the dogs. Eventually it'll will be her spouse and her own baby. That makes me sad.

    1. Sorry to ruin your day too, Betsy...but it IS so. Enjoy every today, that's what I'm trying to do

  3. aww this made me get all teary-eyed myself!!
    thanks for being an awesome Mom(and friend)

  4. You need some grandbabies to love on soon! :) That seems to help all of the "empty" armed mothers!


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