A new project: Chenille blanket

I saw a picture of a chenille baby blanket and loved the look of it.  
So here is my first attempt:

This ideas combines my 2 favorite ideas about quilting....Rag quilting and EASY!!!!

I located a nicely written tutorial with lots of pictures at Aesthetic Nest.

It took me about 4 hours to do all the stitching.  Then a while to figure out how to use the new Ofla chenille cutter I purchased.  I can't imagine cutting without this nifty tool.

I like the finished product although I do wish that the red flannel was green, but because of my lack of choices for shopping all I could find for flannel was brown, off-white and red. 

Making another one is definitely in my future :) 


  1. what beautiful work you do! I used to quilt, but never mastered it like I wanted to!
    I love the name of your blog, and the scripture attached. If we would only encourage one another, instead of tearing each other down!
    I'm trying to do that during the month of Dec. on my facebook page. I decided I would post a daily suggestion on how to reach out to others by way of doing small, simple things to help us all keep the meaning of Christmas in the forefront of the holiday season. Check it out, if you'd like:


    Or, you can click to my blog. :-)

    I hope your holiday is filled with joy and peace!


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