For One Another 2014 Challenge: Forgive One Another

Think of someone who you feel has wronged you.  That person that when you hear their name you kind of cringe inside.  

I'm quite sure you thought of a name.....I know I did.  Now pray for God to give you the forgiveness to really, truly forgive that person....YES----THAT PERSON!!!!

Go get a pen and paper...write their name down, the date and the words:  I forgive you.  This is your reminder that you have forgiven them so put it away for safe keeping,  for the time you feel the unforgiveness taking over again.

Forgiveness....sometimes very tough to do.  BUT if we think about how much we have been forgiven, certainly should make it easier!

Today you embrace forgiveness and set yourself free from the bitterness and hate.  Sure maybe they don't deserve it but

Colossians 3:13