Jolly VoxBox from Influenster

I signed up with in January of 2013 and forgot all about it until one day in December 2013 I received an email with a survey to complete.  So I clicked on over.  Within a couple of weeks I received my very first VoxBox.

Here is what I received and my thoughts about each:

Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer

I am not a huge make-up person.  I wear a little cover-up and mascara.  Sometimes I will use lipstick and eye shadow, but not often.
My oldest daughter is BIG into fashion and when she saw my VoxBox she gave this a try.  
Her response was, "I don't like this at all.  It has a horrible smell and the color is awful! I would never buy it"
Harsh?  Well, I agree with the smell and the color.  It smells like oil and the color is just plain ugly. 

 Sorry Rimmel London...we won't be showing this off!

NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow

I've used NYC eye shadow before and liked it.  My daughter saw the brand and said, "That's junk".  Well, she buys the high end expensive stuff, so this is just fine for me.  

I received #781 Long Beach Sands....perfect name :)

Ducklings Mini Rolls

Not much of a duck tape user, but the mini roll I received came just in time for me to use on my broken glasses.  It was tough and held my glasses together just fine!


There is no doubt that Puffs is the best tissue out there.  It really does keep a nose from becoming sore from many wipes.  This travel size came in handy over the holiday while my granddaughter was visiting.  They kept her nose from getting boo-boos with the many needed wipes.  

Skinny Cow Candy
I normally keep candy out of the house.  IF it's here, I will eat it!  Skinny Cow makes a nice candy without the guilt.  Only 130 calories per pouch with 3 candies in each pouch.  Definitely enough for any sweet tooth.

I look forward to another Influenster VoxBox in 2014.  Who knows what they will send me next?