Catch a falling Star

Last night we (my husband (Lennie), my mom, (June), my son (Zeke) and my daughter (Julie)) all stayed up until midnight to watch the annual Perseids meteor shower.  
Arriving home around 9:30 pm from our weekly Wednesday night Bible Study with our church family, I found Lennie and Julie already set up in the yard.  They had a tarp on the grass, a fire going and the blankets ready.  
Only a couple "falling stars" to report thus far.  
I went inside to get a bite to eat and put on the layers of clothes necessary to stay warm, grabbed a sleeping bag and headed out to join them. Donned in a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, jeans, knee high socks and my sneakers, I arranged my sleeping bag, snuggled up to hubby and waited for the show!
At first there were small ones that would quickly dart through the sky.  Don't blink or you might miss it.  Amid, "oh, there's one" and "wow, did you see that one?" we watched and counted.  I saw 4 that were amazing......long tails shooting across the sky.  WOW!  After 2 hours and with eyes that could no longer stay open I had counted 24.  Twenty-four viewings of average of 1 every 5 minutes.  
This morning I surfed on line to see what information I could find about this annual event.  Well, if you missed last night's show, tonight is the peak!  Don't miss out on this late night event.  It is well worth the loss of sleep ;)


  1. this sounds cool. I think I'll do it tonight!

  2. I could not stay up and watch it because my mom said no. But my mom went out for a little bit and she said it was beautiful.

  3. this sounds cool. I think I'll do it tonight!


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