Meet Me On Monday (or in this case Tuesday!)



1.  How do you order your steak?
I order my steak invisible!  I dislike steak.  I'm a vegetarian wanna-be.  Why a wanna-be?   My husband is a meat and potatoes I make him and the rest of the family meat and potatoes and I make me veggies.  Lots and lots of veggies.  We have ordered organic meat and I'll eat a little of that.

2.  Are you superstitious about anything?  NOPE

3.  Who is your best friend (not including your spouse)?
I am sooo blessed that I would say I have 4 best friends!  I know, it sounds can 4 people be my BEST friend?  Well, I have 2 friends who have been in my life for 40+ years!  (I'm only 48) Misty & Sue They married twin brothers, Randy & Russ!  How weird is that?  Anyway, they both live over 200 miles away.  So I don't get to see them that often.  But I still consider them as best friends.
Then I have a friend that I get together with at least once a week.  We talk on the phone every day.  Her sons are my son's friends.  Even though she's French (he he) I still would say she is a best friend, Renee!
Then there is my accountability friend, the one who keeps track of me and prays for me all of the time....Marilyn!  Yup, I am one blessed woman!

I love Tweety!

4.  When is the last time your wore a dress (for the guys...a suit)?
I like to dress up.  I usually wear a dress once a week when I go to church.  Except maybe those very cold wintry days!  

5.  Do you have any trips scheduled? 
I'm not a traveler.  The only trips I take is a 200 mile car ride to visit my 3 oldest children.  Which I do at least once a month!



  1. Just hopped by to say Hi,
    Wishing you a Happy Christmas and fun filled new year
    Helen x

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  3. Such a blessing indeed with your friends and your accountability partner! Miss my mentor I used to have before we moved. It is always neat to know there was someone praying for you.


  4. Following From Totally Tuesday Blog hop,Id love if you could stop by and follow back


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